Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Deluge Keeps Deleting My Original .torrent Files!

A post by on Deluge forums:

Hi all,

I have a problem here with Deluge (

I have a folder on an external hard disk where I downloaded and stored all my .torrent files (/media/disk/torrents). In Deluge, I would ask the program to save all .torrent files in ~/.config/deluge/torrentfiles (default behaviour), store all downloaded data in another folder (~/data) and autoload all .torrent files in my ~/torrents folder.

While Deluge performs these instructions perfectly, it takes the initiative to DELETE my original .torrent files in ~/torrents folder!

Before anyone jumps in and tells me that there is a copy of all the .torrent files in ~/.config/deluge/torrentfiles, my question is WHY Deluge acts without my permission before deleting the originals. AND for further thoughts, I have erased the partition where ~/.config/deluge/torrentfiles resided, without expecting that my originals are no longer in the external hard disk!!!

How do I turn OFF this damaging behaviour in Deluge?! (ie. stop Deluge from DELETING my original .torrent files)

Thanks for helping, and I hope this can be resolved soon - although I do not think there is a way to recover all my .torrent files except to painstakingly seek them out again from the internet.