Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Deluge Keeps Deleting My Original .torrent Files!

A post by on Deluge forums:

Hi all,

I have a problem here with Deluge (

I have a folder on an external hard disk where I downloaded and stored all my .torrent files (/media/disk/torrents). In Deluge, I would ask the program to save all .torrent files in ~/.config/deluge/torrentfiles (default behaviour), store all downloaded data in another folder (~/data) and autoload all .torrent files in my ~/torrents folder.

While Deluge performs these instructions perfectly, it takes the initiative to DELETE my original .torrent files in ~/torrents folder!

Before anyone jumps in and tells me that there is a copy of all the .torrent files in ~/.config/deluge/torrentfiles, my question is WHY Deluge acts without my permission before deleting the originals. AND for further thoughts, I have erased the partition where ~/.config/deluge/torrentfiles resided, without expecting that my originals are no longer in the external hard disk!!!

How do I turn OFF this damaging behaviour in Deluge?! (ie. stop Deluge from DELETING my original .torrent files)

Thanks for helping, and I hope this can be resolved soon - although I do not think there is a way to recover all my .torrent files except to painstakingly seek them out again from the internet.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

User Name or Password Invalid

Apparently, my last post on how ScheduleWorld DELETED my data without permission *might* have offended the makers of that wonderful sync software.

My user name "aen" on the ScheduleWorld forum is no longer valid after my last post. Not even resetting the password helped.

btw, because the harsh reality of the internet is that blog and forum owners will censor anything that is not to their liking or diminishing to their ego, it is a good practice to own your own blog and mirror your important posts there. Like what I am doing here - without this blog, the world will NEVER know what I tried to say to ScheduleWorld forum.

To help each other out further, learn to LINK to each other's blog so that Google and other search engines will rank our blogs up higher on the search results page. In time to come, Aenny's™ Blog (AennyOne™ at Blogspot.com) will feature links to many, many blogs, such as Tux Love, VOIPGuide, Slashdot and such.

OK, on to the post which might yet again be deleted (I hope Mark is more objective than what I am feeling about him right now... I hope I got him wrong! - he is a nice guy to give us ScheduleWorld in the first place...) -- posted as aen2:

Hi Mark,

I tried to log into this forum just now with my earlier user name "aen" but was given an "User Name or Passowrd Invalid" error.

I reset the password and STILL received that error.

Could you please look into this matter for me, or have I been "banned" somehow for my last post about Scheduleworld deleting my data twice?

If the latter, please clarify and send me a PM instead of deleting my account as I am a supporter of SW not an opponent.

Heck, I am still trying to make SW work on my Nokia right now so I can report back here, so not being able to access this forum is not helping me.

If reporting results as they happen is not an objective here, just let me know, I will gladly leave this matter alone.

I sincerely hope I got it wrong, thanks!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can Or Cannot?

I just sent this feedback to Starhub Customer Care department in Singapore... basically, I was told that a MaxMobile Unlimited customer could apply for a supplementary SIM card for his service, and the next thing is, another staff said no, it cannot be done.
Dear Sir/Madam,

I called Starhub Customer Care to check if a MaxMobile Unlimited Plan user can apply for a supplementary SIM card for his subscription, and was told many times that it is possible. Some of them said that the service is known as Multi-SIM.

However, I just made a call a while ago, and this lady told me that it is NOT possible.

I am upset with this change of response because it is totally contradictory to what I was given in prior conversations.

So - may I know what is the answer to my original question?

Also, how can we capture the identity of the Customer Care officer who spoke with us so that in situations like this, we can backtrack and find out which individual made a mistake when conveying information to the public?

Thank you for looking into this matter.

ScheduleWorld DELETED My ToDos Again!

Posted on ScheduleWorld forum.


It just happened yet AGAIN!!!

I painstakingly recalled many of the lost ToDos, and input into my Nokia 6121 Classic, successfully sync-ed with ScheduleWorld and Zyb, AND THEN IT HAPPENED.

ALL my new ToDos were WIPED OUT in the last sync!!!!!

I checked my settings both on my mobile phone and in ScheduleWorld to see if I had "accidentally" set the sync to "Server to Phone only", "Delete all Phone Data" or something like that, but no, NOTHING.

Everything looks the same and perfect. "2-way sync" etc.

The funny thing is, Calendar and Contacts sync OK with both ScheduleWorld and Zyb.

I am deleting the SW sync profile for now, and unfortunately, would no longer be able to try (do not dare to anymore) the service on a production machine... I am also getting rid of Zyb, until I can ascertain that SW and Zyb do not conflict with each other, and in the process, delete all user data without permission.

Is there no better way out there now in 2008 to sync Google Calendar, Gmail Contacts and ToDO notes with a common Nokia phone directly, reliably and simply?

Please help me if you can.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hackers "open source" Vista

Good morning! This piece of aennylicious news is fresh in from Tux Love:

Hackers "open source" Vista

Microsoft reacted swiftly this morning to close down a site distributing the complete source code of its flagship Vista operating system -- but not before dozens of other sites had mirrored the code.

Loo Flirpa, spokesperson for a little-known Macedonian hacking group based in the provincial capital Morelies, said the code was discovered by a junior member of the group on a routine "training hack" of a Seattle-based server.

"These Windows Servers, they are playthings for the children," Flirpa commented shortly before his arrest and extraordinary rendition to Redmond. "Then we see what he bring us. Whoa! Better get this on the torrents!"

The compressed 4.2GB file called Ballmers_Balls.zip -- apparently in reference to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer -- is, according to one source, "all over the net like a rash."

Here, exclusive to PC World, is a snippet of that code...

Analysts familiar with the operating system have declared it to be "obviously genuine."

Aenny™ Is Here


My name is Aenny™!

I am a concept in the mind of Rykel™, the blogger behind R.Y.K.E.L.™ of the same namesake.

Unfortunately, some Chinese squatter took my plot of cyberland at Aenny.blogspot.com, so I have to content myself with AennyOne.blogspot.com.

This blog is my first home, and while I am not sure how long it will take before I become an Internet Idol
(maybe never? Oh, Rykel™ always says to me, "NEVER say Never," - get the pun?), I will entertain the world here through my observations of communication, technology, gadgets, source code, clouding and all things digital and wonderful.

Enjoy my virtuals and I hope you spend hours upon hours reading, commenting, watching, reading, commenting, watching, reading, commenting, watching and reading, commenting, watching and on it goes...

Signing Off,

p/s. My slogan, "Communicate Free - AennyOne, AennyTime, AennyWhere™."