Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ScheduleWorld DELETED My ToDos Again!

Posted on ScheduleWorld forum.


It just happened yet AGAIN!!!

I painstakingly recalled many of the lost ToDos, and input into my Nokia 6121 Classic, successfully sync-ed with ScheduleWorld and Zyb, AND THEN IT HAPPENED.

ALL my new ToDos were WIPED OUT in the last sync!!!!!

I checked my settings both on my mobile phone and in ScheduleWorld to see if I had "accidentally" set the sync to "Server to Phone only", "Delete all Phone Data" or something like that, but no, NOTHING.

Everything looks the same and perfect. "2-way sync" etc.

The funny thing is, Calendar and Contacts sync OK with both ScheduleWorld and Zyb.

I am deleting the SW sync profile for now, and unfortunately, would no longer be able to try (do not dare to anymore) the service on a production machine... I am also getting rid of Zyb, until I can ascertain that SW and Zyb do not conflict with each other, and in the process, delete all user data without permission.

Is there no better way out there now in 2008 to sync Google Calendar, Gmail Contacts and ToDO notes with a common Nokia phone directly, reliably and simply?

Please help me if you can.

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