Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hackers "open source" Vista

Good morning! This piece of aennylicious news is fresh in from Tux Love:

Hackers "open source" Vista

Microsoft reacted swiftly this morning to close down a site distributing the complete source code of its flagship Vista operating system -- but not before dozens of other sites had mirrored the code.

Loo Flirpa, spokesperson for a little-known Macedonian hacking group based in the provincial capital Morelies, said the code was discovered by a junior member of the group on a routine "training hack" of a Seattle-based server.

"These Windows Servers, they are playthings for the children," Flirpa commented shortly before his arrest and extraordinary rendition to Redmond. "Then we see what he bring us. Whoa! Better get this on the torrents!"

The compressed 4.2GB file called -- apparently in reference to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer -- is, according to one source, "all over the net like a rash."

Here, exclusive to PC World, is a snippet of that code...

Analysts familiar with the operating system have declared it to be "obviously genuine."

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