Sunday, June 8, 2008

Aenny™ Is Here


My name is Aenny™!

I am a concept in the mind of Rykel™, the blogger behind R.Y.K.E.L.™ of the same namesake.

Unfortunately, some Chinese squatter took my plot of cyberland at, so I have to content myself with

This blog is my first home, and while I am not sure how long it will take before I become an Internet Idol
(maybe never? Oh, Rykel™ always says to me, "NEVER say Never," - get the pun?), I will entertain the world here through my observations of communication, technology, gadgets, source code, clouding and all things digital and wonderful.

Enjoy my virtuals and I hope you spend hours upon hours reading, commenting, watching, reading, commenting, watching, reading, commenting, watching and reading, commenting, watching and on it goes...

Signing Off,

p/s. My slogan, "Communicate Free - AennyOne, AennyTime, AennyWhere™."

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